Apple/Macintosh Technology Museum

The Apple/Macintosh collection features a variety of older 68K style Macintosh systems and other Apple related hardware from the 1980's and 1990's. This collection includes the following hardware: Apple II clone (OS-20), Apple Newton (original), Apple Newton 110, Apple Newton 2000, Mac Classic II, Mac SE, Mac SE/30, Mac LC, Mac LC II, Mac LC475, Mac LC575, Mac IIsi, PowerBook 1400, PowerBook 5300, PowerBook 190, PowerBook G3, Mac Quadra 840AV, Color Classic, WGS 6150, Apple IIgs Woz Edition, Performa 6320CD, Mac Plus, PowerMac 6100.

Classic Macs

Compact Macintosh Section

Our collection of compact Macs includes a Plus, Classic, Classic II, Color Classic, SE, SE/30. Both the SE and SE/30 have internal hard disks. The Classic II was also custom rigged with a second internal hard disk. The Mac Plus included an English/Japanese style keyboard. Future plans for this archive include hardware upgrades on the SE/30 and creating an A/UX testing station.

Macintosh II

Macintosh II Section

Our Macintosh II collection is fairly small at this time. The collection includes a IIsi which was modified to house an internal caddy CD-ROM, a IIcx, and a IIci which became our first A/UX testing workstation. Future plans for this collection include acquiring a IIfx.

Macintosh LC

Macintosh LC Section

The Macintosh LC collection features a number of machines including the original LC, LC II, LC 475, LC 575. We also included a Performa 400 in this section as it is essentially a renamed LC series Mac. The LC 575 is also unique in that it did not ship from the factory with an internal CD-ROM like almost all others, so the faceplate only has a spot for the floppy drive.

Macintosh Quadra/Centris

Macintosh Quadra/Centris Section

This collection includes a Centris 610 with full 68040 upgrade and the Quadra 840AV. The 840AV is fully upgraded with 128MB RAM and over 10GB internal SCSI storage. This machine has been used for archiving and collecting additions to our 68K Macintosh software archive. We would also like to acquire a Quadra 700 and certain other models for this collection.

Macintosh PowerPCMacintosh PowerPC

Macintosh PowerPC Section

We have included all PowerPC powered desktop computers in this section. This includes a WGS 6150 (seen in image above), PowerMac 6100, Performa 6320CD, beige G3/300 desktop, sawtooth G4 tower, Performa 5200. The 6100 also has a G3/240 upgrade card which, interestingly enough, does not work in the WGS 6150. Another 6100 model with the DOS compatibility card (486 CPU / 66Mhz) also added to the collection. We would like to expand this section with an 8500/9500 tower, Performa 6400, and a few other models.

Macintosh PowerBook

Macintosh PowerBook Section

We have started a decent sized collection of Macintosh PowerBook laptops which includes the 1400, 5300, 190, 540, 3400, G3 Pismo, Duo 2300c. We have no immediate plans to expand this collection, but eventually we would like to include more of the 68K models.

Apple II

Misc and Apple II Section

This collection bundles some Apple II equipment along with any other random Apple branded parts not included elsewhere. This collection includes a IIgs Woz Edition, two IIe clones, IIc, GeoPort 14.4 modem for Performa, old Apple modem. Some non-Apple branded items in this archive include a HyperDrive F/X hard disk from our Mac Plus and a Global Village 28.8 modem which was used many years ago to begin collecting 68K Macintosh software.

Apple Newton

Apple Newton Section

This collection includes a Newton OMP, Newton 110, and two Newton 2000 messagepads. Also included is a keyboard, modem, and full connectivity kit for the Newton 2000 to synchronize with a desktop. Not much will be happening with this collection, though we may try installing some software onto the Newton 2000 for the purpose of demonstrations.